This web site is meant to serve as an organizational platform for my interests in the historical fiber arts: tablet weaving, spinning, weaving, loom history and the movement of loom types throughout Europe, Asia and the Middle East, and fiber preparation — both wool and flax. I’ll also be adding pages for other interests, as I pick up research articles that I want to share with others.

I hope to make this site into a central location for the many research articles I bump into on a regular basis, as well as my class notes and working pages. Currently, I am beginning to add in the articles I have collected in Mendeley, connecting them with my historical class notes (which will need updating once I can digest the research I’ve located — certainly before my next class session) and the beginnings of my current research. Eventually, I hope to revise all of pages, adding in links and photos to illustrate each point. I also plan to upload photos of many of my projects.

If you would like a bit more organized look at what I have been working on within the Society, here is a link to my SCA resumé.

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