Flaming Gryphon Floor‐Length Cloaks

Executive Summary & Table of Contents

This is documentation for four different projects that were entered in the Middle Kingdom A&S Faires in A.S. 40/41 (2006). The first three categories were for the Divisional Championship in Division II, Textiles. The tablet weaving was a separate entry. The categories are:

1) Costume: Single Component

2) Spinning

3) Weaving: Loom

4) Weaving: Tablet

Since all the projects are interwoven with each other, the documentation refused to gel until it was all combined into one mass document. Labeled tabs are being placed at each major section, to help locate pertinent information.

The fleeces and warp thread for the project are discussed here, with an introduction to the raw materials being used for the cloaks, and discussing the condition of the fleeces when purchased.

Fleece preparation is covered here, with a description of washing the fleeces and combing, carding, and especially drum‐carding, the washed fiber.

Spinning the weft thread is discussed here, briefly covering a short history of spinning, and discussing the reason for choosing to spin the thread as it was created. It should be noted that I have calculated that there is approximately four and one third miles of weft thread, spun by me and several volunteers. I spun 75‐ 80% of the weft thread used, on both a drop spindle and an upright spinning wheel.

Loom weaving and the tablet weaving on the selvedge edges are discussed here. Some particular problems I had while weaving, and the solutions I came up with, are covered. The fabric, when measured coming off the loom, was over 40 feet long. After washing and light fulling, the final length allowed the cutting of six 6 foot sections, and left an excess of 9 inches.

Cloak Construction, particularly dealing with the supplemental tablet‐woven bands added to the bias‐cut edges, as well as the sewing of the outer shell of the cloak, the necklines and the lining, is covered here.

The Bibliography is here.

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