Protégée Ceremony

Fiadnata’s protégéeing ceremony to Master Brusten de Bearsul,
March 20, A.S. XXXIII, Ceilidh
(Middletown National Guard Armory, 1999)

(Brusten stands with such peers as wish to be present for the ceremony.)(Fiadnata approaches with Phillip and such others as wish to be there.)

Fiadnata: Good Master Brusten, I, Lady Fiadnata ó Gleann Àlainn, bearer of the Purple Fret and White Wolf, and companion of the Orders of the Willow and Dragon’s Heart, would offer myself to be thy vassal. I would serve thee, as I may by right duty suitably do by my free condition, saving my vows of marriage to Lord Phillip the Pilgrim, and such vows of fealty as I have in past sworn to Crown and Baron. I ask that thou shouldst succor and deliver me, and include me into thy guardianship and counsel.

Brusten: I, Brusten de Bearsul, do hear and shall accept thee, Fiadnata, to be my vassal in counsel and ward, provided thou supply me and mine with true service and honor, appear when summoned at such courts and feast days as befits thy condition as my vassal, and thou hold my weal and faith as thy own. Shalt thou do so?

Fiadnata: (kneeling, offering her hands to Brusten) I swear I shall.

Brusten: Who will support thy word?

Phillip: I, Lord Phillip the Pilgrim, bearer of the White Wolf, and companion of the Orders of the Silver Oak and Dragon’s Heart, and husband to Lady Fiadnata, shall uphold her word and vow with my own, to punish and avenge thy truth should she break faith.

Brusten: No more surety could I ask. (Takes Fiadnata’s hands in his.) Then thou art my vassal in counsel and ward, saving only the rights of husband by prior vows, and thy previous vows of fealty to Crown and Baron.

Fiadnata: As I am thy vassal, and thou art my liege lord, I ask a Benefice.

Brusten: What Benefice seek thee?

Fiadnata: I would a link of that chain thou didst receive from the will of King Moonwulf, from the hand of Duke Merowald de Sylveaston, upon the field of the seventh Pennsic War.

Brusten: A grand thing, dear unto me. In return for this benefice, I would require a loaf of bread of the finest, a brick of cheese, and a jug of cider or ale to be delivered to me for my courtesy. That it is dear to me, I shall also require a deer of thee. Thou must hold my friends to be thy friends, and my enemies must be thy enemies. Wergild must thou take for me should I be foully slain. How sayest thou to these things?

Fiadnata: (Attendant brings forward basket full of food and drink, covered by cloth.) (Said while distributing food, and ultimately, pulling out cloth, which is a plaid shawl.) I shall deliver a loaf of the finest, a brick of cheese, and a jug to thee. I yield up to thee a deer for that which thou dost hold dear, and take thy friends for my friends and thy enemies for my enemies. I shall serve thee and thine, and cloak them in my care, as though they were mine own, for thus shall they be. All this would I do for this Benefice.

Brusten: Then take this link of the chain thou asked as a Benefice, and for to
show that all my enemies are thy enemies and my friends are thy friends and that
thou are bound to me, take this cord. (Takes yellow belt, wraps Fiadnata’s hands with it. Helps Fiadnata up. Puts belt around waist.) I receive you and take your Homage and kiss you in the name of fealty. (Kisses both cheeks.)

(And, now, images from the actual belting.)

(First, the belt goes on — upside down!)

(Well, now the belt is finally upside right!)

(And he knots it. Y’know, it’s kind of hard to knot a belt on another person, when you’re much more used to putting one on yourself.)

(Mistress Ilyana and Brusten, with the cider and chocolate cheese.)

(Brusten handing out pieces of bread.)

(Brusten slicing more of the chocolate cheese. I had gotten this at the MSU Dairy Store — chocolate cheese is one of their specialties. It’s unusual, and some people find it very good!)



(And then, almost exactly 21 years later, on February 29, 2020, there was this.)

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