Table-top Scale Warp-Weighted Loom: Assembly

Required pieces:
2 Front-leg/Back-leg pieces
2 Cross Beams
2 Dowels for Cloth Beam and Heddle Bar
2 Heddle Arms
In Loom Accessory Bag:
2 Cloth Bar Arms, with a dowel glued into the front hole of each
2 lengths of light Chain, for leg stability
8-2 1/2” x 1/4” diameter Dowels, for pegs
6-1″ dowel pegs

Also needed for weaving:
1 pack (8 tablets) pre-warped Tablet Weaving deck, to weave header band [I use 8 as I am splitting my 24-tablet beginning tablet-weaving teaching decks into three sets.]
1 spool carpet warp, to use as weft for header band/warp for warp-weighted loom.
1 large shuttle/beater, for weaving on the loom.

Assembling the loom:

Slide chains onto both front and back legs. (Optimal placement tends to be between heddle bar and lower crossbar. The wider you can spread the legs while maintaining stability, the wider the shed for weaving. Some of the back legs have had holes drilled to hold dowel pegs, to help with chain placement.) Laying the leg assemblies flat, place the cross beams over the front legs so that all round dowel holes match up. Insert the 2 1⁄2” dowels into the holes. Insert the upper cloth beam arms and lower heddle beam arms into their holes, and secure with slide dowel pegs in the holes on the arms showing behind the legs. Adjust legs and chain location until looms are steady. Reserve cloth beam dowel until tablet-woven header band is attached, then hang from upper cloth beam arms. Place heddle beam across heddle beam arms.

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