Warping a Warp-Weighted Loom

1. Pick a location where a short tablet weaving band can be securely attached, with enough space on one side to accommodate a length of warp, wrapping around a post or other object (to separate the two parts of the warp).

2. Warp up 6-8 tablets, alternating S and Z threading, with enough thread to weave a band the width of the desired warp plus enough to allow space for the tablet and twist build up. Stretch them across the chosen location.

3. Start the band with some waste thread, to establish the weave. You will be weaving with the tablets always turning the same direction (usually, away from the woven area).

4. Take the thread intended to be the warp of the main project, and insert a loop as weft so that the thread hangs out as a tail from the side that will accommodate the warp. (The loop will ultimately be split so that the halves become the front and back warp threads.) Turn the tablets a quarter turn, and beat the thread in tightly.

5. Take the loop of thread down and loop around the far post.

6. Bring the loop of thread through, once more, beat and turn, and take weft/warp down and loop around post, again.

7. Continue weaving in this manner, leaving long loops of weft to be used as warp. When the band is long enough (the warp is the needed width), end the band with a thread long enough to secure the end in the main weaving.

8. Tie the warp into bundles of approximately 8 threads each, keeping front warp threads separate from back warp threads. Use enough ties to keep threads under control.

9. Secure warp band to warp rod with thread. Attach warp rod to cloth bar, lacing rope through holes.

10. Assemble loom. Hang cloth bar in place. Chain up warp so that it will not hang on the ground.

11. Attach weights to warp bundles, so that weights clear the ground.

12. Knit heddles onto heddle bar, in pattern needed for selected weave.

13. Chain together weights, to keep them in correct positions.

Please let me know if you have any questions!

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